Photo Uploads

It is simple to upload a photo using our special upload system and we will print it to a professional quality and put it into your chosen frame.

What an easy way to personalise a lovely gift!

Please make sure that any photo you upload is your own property and does not infringe or violate any copyrights, trademarks or property rights of a third party. It must not be able to be considered offensive or obscene. Your photo is entirely your responsibility and you indemnify loveframed against any liability whatsoever associated with any photo you upload.


Do my photos have to be good quality?

Almost all digital photos will easily be of good enough quality for uploading and printing as part of our Gift Service. If you have older photographs that you have perhaps scanned into your computer it is likely that they will not give such a clear image. Our professional printing process will make the most of your image but we cannot enhance it further so please ensure you upload the very best image possible for printing.

If you are uncertain of the quality of your photo, please still upload your photo using the gift service tool. If the photo is likely to be too small to give a high-quality print, it will show a warning message.

Do my photos have to be the right shape for the frame?

No, you can size your image once it has uploaded and select the precise area you wish to be printed. You can do this while viewing the finished result in your frame.

What type of photo files can I upload?

You can only upload JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) files. If you have another image file type and you simply change the file extension to ".jpg" or ".gif," our website will deny it. You must use an image-editing program to convert the file to either a JPEG or GIF file before uploading it.

Where can I upload my photos from?

Just click the 'Browse' button to upload your photo from your computer.

What if I have a problem with the upload feature?

If you are having difficulty with uploading your photo please call us and we will try to rectify the problem.

What happens to my photo file once it has been printed?

Once we have printed and despatched your photo frame, we delete your photo from our system We do not store your photo file for future use.